Dr. Ghassan Ghuneim and the residents enjoy a day of fishing

On July 24, 2019, Life Care Center of Evergreen, Colorado, residents went fishing at Evergreen Lake when a surprise visitor stopped by to join in on the fun.


Dr. Ghassan Ghuneim, a doctor at Summit Medical Consultants in Broomfield, Colorado who has several patients at the facility, came to spend time with his patients and enjoy an outing with them.


“His surprise took patient care to a new level,” said Rebecca Heath, director of admissions. “Not only does Dr. Ghuneim care for the physical well-being of his patients, but by this act he has demonstrated that he cares for the patient’s psychosocial well-being too.”


Ghuneim was excited to spend time with his patients outside of the usual medical setting.


“The majority of my patients are sick, so I don’t get many opportunities to visit patients over pleasantries,” Ghuneim said. “Life Care Center of Evergreen is one of the few facilities I’ve encountered that takes residents on such fun outings. I plan to go fishing with my patients again. Hopefully, I can learn to fish better before then.”   


The outing, although enjoyed by all, ended up being somewhat of a misadventure. No one caught any fish, and Ghuneim had to run and get a kayak to retrieve his fishing rod after it fell into the water.


“Dr. Ghuneim grabbed a rod, cast it and off it went into the lake,” said resident Eric Chamberlain with a laugh. “The doctor said he plans to learn how to fish so he can come again and teach us how it’s done.”


The outing was certainly memorable, and the residents are excitedly awaiting their next fishing trip with their beloved doctor.