By Marilyn Herrs, recreation director


It all began with some leftovers.


Barbara Young, a new resident at Life Care Center of Evergreen, Colorado, wanted to show her appreciation for her delicious meal and to send a little hello to her aides. She arranged some carrots for eyes, strawberry tops for eyelashes, lettuce for hair and a potato for the nose.


The next time, she used some spare rib bones to designate her meal a “10.”


Young’s daughter, Robin, then began to bring in books and magazines, and the real collages began.


Using a glue stick and a small pair of scissors, Young creates thank-you plates that all of the associates anticipate and enjoy.


“I wanted to send a thank you to the kitchen staff and say hello in a different way to my aides to brighten their day,” said Young.


Young clips out promising words and images from the magazines ahead of time and keeps a supply in a sealable bag in her drawer.


One of her favorite associates is Edward Kennedy, admissions director. She made a plate for him that included elves and some of the words we often use: “caregiving,” “together we serve,” and “physical therapy.” She cut out her name from her meal ticket (last name first) to complete the piece with: “Young, Barbara lives here.”


The staff at Life Care Center of Evergreen loves that Barbara lives here and that she makes us feel appreciated too. 

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